Life after the Khmer Rouge: the humour and heartache of Cambodian family photo albums

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Khmer Rouge

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Twitter Facebook On any given night, foreign visitors throng the many bars, restaurants and hotels overlooking the Tonle Sap River on bustling Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital. Among them, foreign men accompanied with Cambodian women are a common sight. Just up the street is Rory’s Pub, where a Celtic cross and a Bushmills whiskey sign hang on the wall.

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In fact, one of my readers was wondering whether I might be able to contribute something to this subject. Now, I am no psychologist or sociologist so anything written her must be seen in this context. Especially in Cambodia itself, it is rather rare to find a mixed marriage between a Western woman and a Khmer man. If you see them they are mostly older, e. The cases I have come across are always of the arranged nature, that is, U.

Cambodians hire somebody to marry one of their kin back in Cambodia, thus enabling them to immigrate to the U. Although there were some crackdowns by Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE , according to my knowledge the practice goes on unabated. But supposedly real love unions do indeed appear to happen. My personal opinion of this, of course, still is — just as with the Khmer woman marrying a Westerner — that it is make-believe, that the Khmer man sees this as an opportunity to go overseas to find a purportedly better job and a better life.

Love is an intangible concept. Proof of real love is hard to ascertain even by the most enlightened and sharp-thinking people. When love is involved, the chemistry in our minds runs amok anyway. Cambodian facial expressions are often a little hard to read by Westerners; that goes equally for both men and women. Manliness is a highly regarded trait.

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Cambodia is at times an absurdly conservative society, especially in regard to male-female relationships. It is extremely rare for a Cambodian man and woman to show any kind of affection in public, and you will almost never see a couple holding hands. Romantic love as a concept is not very well developed in a country where the vast majority of marriages are arranged.

Cambodia, overall, is probably the most sexually conservative society in the Mekong Delta region. Ironically, Cambodia is one of the easiest places imaginable to get laid for a foreigner, both male and female. Polyamory is the norm in the tourist areas, and sex has about as much meaning as a kiss in places like the beaches of Sihanoukville and the Lakeside of Phnom Penh.

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Hammer pants and walking down the aisle with a young Cambodian bride. After further consideration, I have realized that there are seven equally compelling reasons why I should NOT marry a Cambodian woman. I have no idea where we would live. When a Westerner marries a Cambodian woman, the couple has a very important initial decision to make. Should he move to Cambodia, or should she move to his country?

So if I lived in Cambodia, I would essentially be semi-retired and living off savings. Assuming that my wife is not working, we would spend a lot of time sitting in our Cambodian home staring at each other. That would get awkward. I would quickly start fabricating excuses to leave the house for no reason. Bringing my Cambodian wife to America would be an even worse idea. At least in Cambodia she would have friends, family, and a whole life outside of interacting with me.

If I moved her to America, she would have none of these things. Their wives are not going to want to befriend my 22 year old, smoking hot Cambodian wife.

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The admission that this was the official policy of the Cambodian regime of the s came yesterday from Kaing Guek Eav, alias Duch, a former prison commander. Duch, 66, was in charge of S prison in the capital Phnom Penh where as many as 16, Cambodians were tortured and killed. He referred to photographs he was shown by the tribunal of a technique executioners used to kill child victims by bashing their heads against tree trunks.

But after seeing the photographs I recalled that it had happened,’ Duch said. I do not blame them because this was under my responsibility. Duch recounted a Khmer Rouge policy on detained children: Duch is being tried at a genocide tribunal. It is not known how many young children were killed at S , since photographs were not routinely taken of babies and young prisoners. Photographers kept meticulous records of adult prisoners, which now line the walls of S , which was converted into a genocide museum.

Duch denied one of the grisly allegations in the prosecutor’s indictment, that children of S prisoners were taken from their parents and dropped from third floor windows to break their necks. Duch told the tribunal that hurling children from windows would have panicked other prisoners, which would have run contrary to his orders. He said that prisoners were supposed to be kept in the dark of their destiny to be killed.

Duch is the first senior Khmer Rouge figure to face trial, and the only one to acknowledge responsibility for his actions.

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A PCA chart and branching tree cluster analysis of various Asian linguistic communities from the linked paper from PLOS that doesn’t fully reproduce the conclusions reached by sublineage analysis in the cited paper. Austro-Asiatic when the Munda of India are also included and Hmong-Mien peoples, at least in the patriline, focusing on the O3a3b-M7 Y-DNA haplogroup where the Mon-Khmer appearing at a basal position while Hmong-Mien and Tibeto-Burmese individuals with this hapologroup have subhaplogroups more on the fringes of this patriline tree.

O3a3c1-M , the dominant East Asian haplogroup shows a similar pattern. Context The study also provides a helpful contextualizing recap of prior findings about the population genetic history of East Eurasia.

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Former ‘first lady’ of the Khmer Rouge, Ieng Thirith, dies aged 83

Non-pure abjads such as Hebrew and Arabic script and abugidas use diacritics for denoting vowels. Hebrew and Arabic also indicate consonant doubling and change with diacritics; Hebrew and Devanagari use them for foreign sounds. Devanagari and related abugidas also use a diacritical mark called a virama to mark the absence of a vowel. Emoticons are commonly created with diacritic symbols, especially Japanese emoticons on popular imageboards.

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A frail, white-haired man, Ta Mok was believed to be He maintained to the end that he bore no responsibility for Cambodia’s “killing fields” and that other Khmer Rouge commanders had been the architects and perpetrators of the genocide. But for years Ta Mok, a nom de guerre, was a feared name in Cambodia. As the second in command of the Khmer Rouge, he and his followers were linked to the elimination of entire villages, to forced labor camps, to mass executions and to torture chambers.

Cambodians called him “The Butcher. Like many poor young Cambodians in the s, he became a Buddhist monk, because pagodas offered food and shelter. He left the monkhood at 16 and in the s joined the resistance movement against the French colonialists. Unlike other senior Khmer Rouge leaders, such as Pol Pot, Ta Mok never studied abroad and had little use for intellectual issues.

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