How to Connect More Than One Rain Barrel

Click here for Robert’s rain barrel video. The buyer saw our truck bags and asked for a flexible rain barrel for homeowners. We’d made bags for storing rain water commercially like 20, gallons but nothing residential. Upon further discussion, she explained that people forget to drain the water for the winter and the plastic barrels that they were selling would crack and their supplier would not take them back. That’s when the idea of the Flexible Rain Barrels was born. We first froze some small bags in a freezer, but the real test was freezing 2 full size bags in northern Ontario, Canada through the winter. Everything faired well with the freezing no cracks or breaks. The Diverter has been designed to include a leaf filter and sediment filter. Oh yeah, the bag stands up even when empty. We are now ready to ship product.

DIY Rain Barrel from a 275 Gallon IBC Water Tote

I had planned to just get a couple of those blue 55 gallon food barrels and make my own, but my wife HATED that idea, so I ended up finding these on sale at my local Tractor Supply, and picked up a couple. I put one at the downspout on the side of my house, another in the back. I liked the look of these a lot, and mine looked even nicer after I used some Krylon Fusion and painted the bands black. I also built a base for mine, out of PT 2×12 and decking the pict above is from the TSC website This gives me some room to get a water can under the spigot, and gives me a little added pressure when i hook up a hose.

I have been amazed at how quickly these fill up and it’s been great having the water for irrigation, or anything else that can be done with gray water. These barrels seem to be well made, but not well thought out.

Apr 05,  · It is good for both the plant and animal. So a gardener needs the best rain barrel. Rainwater is the purest and healthiest water in the world. It is good for both the plant and animal. You can connect a hose with this barrel through this valve spigot and hook-up a hose with dual overflow. The front side overflow keeps water from.

November 18, Given that uncertainty, how do you save some of that free water for possible dry days ahead? Those extra gallons could come in handy, especially if we face another year of drought. Rain barrels and cisterns allow for on-site storage of rainwater, a boon for homeowners facing watering restrictions. Regardless of drought conditions, saving rainwater can make sense for any gardener. Plants like rainwater, which is naturally soft and chemical-free.

And if you usually get your water through municipal pipes, it saves money as well as water. After five years of drought, rain barrels and equipment are easier to find at major home improvement stores and local nurseries. Before you dive into barrel use, here are some factors to consider, provided by GrowWater. Technically, a rain barrel acts as a small cistern — a reservoir or tank for holding rainwater for later use.

Most home cisterns are larger storage tanks, capable of holding 1, to 3, gallons.

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Mini Scupper Here is the low-maintenance No-clog options that will give you a pretty much trouble free gutter system, and the DMR Gutters 15 year no-clog warranty see our warranty web page for those details. Why kind of downspouts are best for a gutter system you ask? If you are wondering about what type of downspout will remain functional and look decent here is some thoughts to consider.

Shop rain wizard gallon terra cotta plastic rain barrel with spigot in the rain barrels section of Rain Wizard Gallon Terra Cotta Plastic Rain Barrel with Spigot 3 Ratings. Average. Recommend this High-quality brass spigot for hose hook-up plus overflow spout; Screen to keep out debris, insects, animals, and children.

What is a Rain Barrel? Rain barrels, or water barrels, are designed to save and store rainwater. Well for one thing — its free and easy! Rainwater collection devices have been used for thousands of years and range in complexity, but most are very simple and can be incorporated into your existing gutter and drainage systems. A rain barrel is relatively inexpensive and has a spigot on the bottom for easy access to water and a screen on top to keep out bugs and debris.

For many conscientious homeowners, it is important to conserve water which they can store and use at a later date. The uses for fresh rainwater around the home are almost limitless, but some include watering plants and landscaping, washing the car or watering the lawn. The best way to accomplish this is to hook up one or more of your downspouts to a rain barrel collection system. It is also possible to connect several rain barrels together or use them at multiple locations around the home.

We have several styles and colors available. Why use a Rain Barrel?

Build a Rain Barrel

Sump Pumps – Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes September 30, by Adam Comments I have provided several basement waterproofing tips and have contended that by taking these steps, you can avoid water in your basement. However, there is an old adage about basements: They sit on a bed of gravel or rocks at the bottom of sump pump pit. The discharge pipe is hooked up to that circle-jobby on the left.

Your basement WILL get wet eventually. There is a difference between wet and under water though.

Each rain barrel comes equipped with the screen over the top of the lid to keep out mosquitoes, along with a spigot and two hose connectors. They vary in height between 39″″. The barrels hook up by putting the downspout so it empties into the top of the barrel.

It saves water, time, frustration. It stretches a dinky little half inch thunderstorm into two good waterings. Most importantly, it saves food production, and without needing power or city water supply. I talked some about the original system in this post. HandyWoman and had no idea what I was doing. Since I had one more bit of garden to get drip irrigation for, I thought you might like a play by play of how to set up such a system.

What you need to do rain barrel drip irrigation We use commercial rain barrels for convenience. They have a filtering grate on top and an outlet with a regular garden hose attachment spigot on the bottom — and preferably a second spigot midway up the barrel. The spigot needs to connect to the hose that runs from barrel to garden. One of these female hose repair connectors does the trick. This female hose connector links the garden hose spigot of the barrel to the hose.

Another connector at the edge of the garden links the run line to the drip line. I just used a simple slip-on type as shown below.

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Tweet Gutter Drains — Connecting To Foundation Drains Rain gutters are one of the best defenses for protecting your home from water damage. However, the volume of water they collect can be very large and that water has to be dealt with properly or the gutters will only push the problem somewhere else. In this article I want to talk about connecting gutter drains to foundation drains. In the following photo you can see two down spouts coming down from the gutters.

The one on the left comes from the house and was installed prior to the one on the right. It was connected to the foundation drain so that the water can be directed out away from the house.

Make outdoor watering and washing chores more environmentally friendly and budget conscious with the EarthMinded DIY Rain Barrel Diverter and Parts Kit Gallery. Blog. Live Up to 50% Off. Home Decor. Rugs Area Rugs Door Mats Outdoor Rugs Rug Pads.

Leslie already has a barrel, and I am happy to report I have finally joined the rain barrel club. Rain, bring it on, I am ready for you! Intrigued, I set up an appointment with the owner Ben for an install. After trial and error with rain barrels at his own home, Ben has developed a system to avoid this overflow issue. But first, you have to ready the barrel. He uses regular dishwashing soap as a lubricant to screw the plug in as snugly as possible. A few inches above the drain, he drills another hole for the spigot, and one more hole goes on the side near the top for the tube that will connect the barrel to the downspout.

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Downspout Diverter in Action! Did you know you can catch gallons of fresh rainwater for every single inch of rain that falls on 1, square feet of rooftop? The downspout diverter is the key to the kingdom.

WHAT IS A RAIN BARREL? can hook up as many barrels as you like and harvest all the rainwater you like! There are several different diverters you can use to get the water from your downspout over to your barrel. The two that we have used are from or

Email Shares One of the first things newbie preppers do is get themselves set up with water. In my own case, I purchased a 55 gallon water barrel and lots of bottled water and indeed, this set the groundwork for moving forward not only with my own preparedness activities but with Backdoor Survival as well. Fast forward a few years and a lot of research later, and I now know that having stored water is not enough.

An essential component of every family preparedness plan should be a simple, non-mechanical method of purifying water whether at home or in a bug-out-situation. What is the Lifestraw Family 1. The short answer is the LifeStraw Family 1. By grown-up I mean larger and with the capacity to filter water into a storage container. A personal Lifestraw is great for one-on-one drinking water but for cooking, bathing and other activities, it is useless.

Filtering systems such as the Berkey which I adore! The LifeStraw Family is perfect. It is lightweight, portable and a cinch to use.

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I just installed 55 gallon drums pickle barrels pre drilled and plumbed with screened tops and overflow spout and silcock at bottom. I live in Durham NC, and this is their first winter. Will the barrels split if I retain at least 25 to 30 gallons?

we are now able to to ship rain barrels direct to you at the price listed, shipping included. if you want to know more about how to best use a rain barrel or how to hook it up to your downspout – please call to make an appointment to stop by!

The downspout adapter fits: Rain barrels not only store water, they help decrease demand during the summer months. Collection of water from rooftop runoff can provide an ample supply of this free ‘soft water’ containing no chlorine, lime or calcium. Because it tends to have fewer sediments and dissolved salts than municipal water, rain water is ideal for lots of applications, including vegetable and flower gardens, automobile washing, and cleaning household windows.

A typical house has a roof area of 1, square feet and four downspouts that will each drain about square feet of roof. That means a rainfall of just 0. A good formula to remember: Calculate the yield of your roof by multiplying the square footage of your roof by and divide by These barrels and any rain water collection systems can quickly be filled and begin to overflow. Take this into consideration when using any rain water collection system.

These barrels are not treated. We cannot be responsible for any wood boring insects that may attack your barrels. If you are going to use them outside you should be aware that insects may attack the barrels as they would any untreated wood. I have installed and used this wonderful rain barrel for about 3 weeks now.

Fixing an Overflowing Rain Barrel

Previous Next It is best to harvest rainwater and the globe is taking important measures in order to save the rain water. It is becoming very popular, even in California. Well, collecting rain water saves money and also helps us to support our environment. Modern science, as in the ancient time has turned to capture and collection of rainwater as an unfinished solution to the problem and a gutter system is the first step that is to be taken in harvesting rainwater.

Gutter downspout diverter is a system which is installed in a downspout where the water reaches just before your rain barrel system.

Aug 16,  · I did a lot of research before buying a diverter, and am still happy with this one. It does what it’s supposed to do – divert rain from the downspout to a rain barrel until the barrel is full, then automatically send everything down the spout.

Tim Carter Splash blocks don’t do much to channel water away from the foundation. I need to bury downspout drainage pipes in my yard before the yard is seeded. Where is the best place to put them and how deep should they be buried? What type of pipe do you like? How far away from the house should the pipes extend? A friend suggested using pop-up valves to help water the lawn and plants.

Are those a good idea? Stormwater drainage from roofs is a topic sometimes ignored by builders and homeowners alike.

How to Build Your Own DIY Rain Barrel, Step-by-Step

April 16, , Hershel House used a section of rain gutter for a long time. If you can find the sheet metal or copper sheet you can solder the end caps up, just bend a flange on them first so you have a good contact area.

Rain barrels can fill up fast. Have an overflow plan for the excess water. Here are some options. 1. 3. Hook up a soaker hose to the rain barrel spigot to immediately to attach an elbow in the downspout so it reaches the barrel.

A Rain Barrel is a water tank which is used to collect and store rain water runoff, typically from rooftops via rain gutters. Rain Barrels are devices for collecting and maintaining harvested rain. Rain Barrels are installed to make use of soft rain water for home use, reduce public utility water use, and aid self-sufficiency. In arid climates, rain barrels are often used to store water during the rainy season for use during dryer periods. Rain Barrels can also be used for retention of storm water for release at later time.

Rain water can be used for flushing toilets, in washing machines, watering gardens, washing cars, agriculture, and sometimes for drinking, if special care and proper filtration is preformed so that the water is not contaminated. Disadvantages of a Rain Barrel used for drinking water include the initial upfront cost, especially where water charges are otherwise fixed. Occasional maintenance to the barrel is also required, or the user runs a health risk if maintenance is not carried out.

These small rain barrels, often recycled from food storage and transport barrels or, in some cases, whiskey and wine aging barrels, are often inexpensive. Widespread use of Rain Barrels also changes the amount of rainwater reaching the ground in a particular area and draining into streams. If collected water is used in the same watershed in which it is collected, rainwater collection actually can stabilize flow in rivers and provide more regular and filtered groundwater transfer into ponds.

How to install a rain gutter diverter