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But when will the character come out – he’s so nelly on camera it’s impossible to believe he’s straight. And with Rusty now coming out, it would be nice if Buzz spoke up and said “Me too! I half expected him to end up as a love interest for Rusty. The show could use a little more male eye candy. So I couldn’t figure out why he got second billing on the “The Closer”. And what’s he done since leaving? Even Tao and Flynn noticed the eye flirting. He was supposed to be in a new Fox show Delirium, but the show was canceled before it even aired.

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gs: Gina Ravera [ Theresa ] Jake asks Alison to help him study for his G.E.D., but requests that she keep the matter a secret. The building is filled with gossip after Alison is seen sneaking out of Jake’s apartment after an all-night study session.

What the Series Was Always About An exquisite, satisfyingly restrained, even beautiful finale to The Americans tonight – a series which only in this, its sixth and final season, has become, in my view, one of the finest series ever on television. This is because, although the series started as gangbusters in its first year, and although it never lost the astonishing originality of its premise and first season, it meandered, almost got repetitive and stuck in a quagmire in subsequent years, only to reclaim the best that it was was and exceed it in this last season.

And the minute finale was at the apex of this extraordinary season. Rather than analyze it in a linear way, I’d rather just share some thoughts about the highlights of what was just on the screen: I said to my wife that we’d never leave our son, as Philip convinced Elizabeth to do with their son, Henry. My wife agreed completely – then added, but you and I never killed anyone. The scene with Stan holding a gun on Philip, Elizabeth, and Paige was brilliant, and only the second best in the episode.

Is Stan’s letting them all go believable? Tough call, but I think it is. His human connection to Philip and family triumphed over Stan’s profession, which was part of what this series was all about. Paige’s being there brought out Stan’s humanity – he certainly wouldn’t have shot her parents right in front of her, except if they were attacking him, which they wisely did not.

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Last post of the year. So, Happy New Year. Have a prosperous , and many more. Kerry Washington — image from celebritynetworth. The NY Times has discovered the historical nature of this show: Did I happen to mention that the analysis is awesome?

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Katherine Heigl returns to series television which is great news for fans of movies to star as high-ranking CIA agent Charleston Tucker, the official charged with giving the President Alfre Woodard her daily intelligence briefing. Needless to say, it’s not a hyper-realistic look at the inner workings of the West Wing and Langley. The series has already lost one showrunner, while the possibly miscast Heigl has been forced to defend herself against charges that she’s hard to work with.

And she’ll be on the defensive again in November if reviews for the series are as bad as they have been for the pilot. Airing two nights a week, Fox’s latest reality experiment like all good reality series, adapted from a European format tasks a group of 15 people to move to an isolated location for an entire year! To spice things up, living conditions are somewhat rustic there’s no indoor plumbing , and there will be monthly eliminations, though each person kicked off the show will be replaced by a newcomer.

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Directed by David Hogan. The entire test city of Topeka has been annihilated, and only the small bastion of Steel Harbor remains the last free zone in the country, conveniently the home of the title heroine Pamela Lee. Barb, a leather-clad, silicon-stretched motorcycle mama, happens to carry antibodies for Red Ribbon in her DNA, thus making her an enemy of the state. She sets out to defend freedom and take down the evil government by posing as a stripper and seducing foolish male adversaries with her well-displayed assets.

The plot thickens as she happens upon her freedom-fighter ex-lover and his wife much in the vein of Casablanca. Gershon is Corky, an ex-con renovating the apartment next door to where Tilly’s Violet lives. Violet is the moll of psychotic gangster Caesar Joe Pantoliano , who uses the apartment as an occasional location for meetings and beatings, and also uses Violet as an occasional plaything for his Mob cronies.

Violet is attracted to the super-sexy Corky, and the two begin an intense affair.

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A guide to this television series with episode descriptions, original air dates, cast listing, writers and directors.

Kelly, Steve, David Alison’s roommate leaves in the middle of the night and sticks her with the rent. The goofy Billy Campbell approaches her and asks about the vacancy, but she turns him down. Faced with eviction, she finally takes him up on his offer. She accepts a date with him, but Billy has to come to the rescue when the man tries to force his way into the apartment. Jake attempts a relationship with Kelly Taylor, a teenager whose house he had helped remodel.

They are constantly faced with obstacles due to their age difference. Rhonda is pursued by one of her aerobics students, but learns that his interest is anything but romantic. Grant Show had appeared on two episodes of that series to introduce its spin-off, Melrose Place , to viewers. Garth appeared on the first three episodes of Melrose to continue their characters’ storylines, with brief appearances by Ziering and Green in each show.

Spelling appeared in only the first two shows because her character then left to study in France for the rest of the summer. Kelly, Steve, David Billy picks up a talkative girl who was a passenger in his cab.

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Overview[ edit ] The miniseries was based upon Otis Williams’ book; as such, it came from his perspective: Dennis Edwards was not heavily focused upon, nor was much said of the problems he later had with Otis Williams. Nevertheless, the miniseries gave a general overview of both the history of the group and that of Motown, and, thanks to de Passe’s connection, the film was able to use authentic props and locations.

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Campane, campane di Badia, suonate,suonate! Campane, campane di Badia suonate, suonate! I rintocchi si ripetono a diffondere gioia, gioia. Gloria a Te mio Signore, Carmelina con la piccola Sara. Se non ci fossero stati i miei alunni, la mie figlie,se non avessi guardato dentro i loro occhi, questa volta non sarei partita. La ritardata partenza ci permette di continuare un dialogo, di farci scoprire e scoprirci a vicenda: Sento in quel preciso istante soave una voce dal cuore che mi invita ad essere felice.

La paura inculcata del ghiaccio, del freddo mi aveva condotto a super coprirmi: Mancano i francesi e i greci.

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While her character is usually not in the foreground of the show or the investigation, it has been seen in recent episodes that Detective Daniels is a very strong woman who can relate to the families of victims. Extremely intelligent and sassy, Detective Daniels is a hard worker with a sense of humor. Her good looks get her more on-the-job attention than she sometimes wants. However, she never hesitates to put the detectives in their place when they attempt to flirt with her — except for Sgt.

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These are shows in which a black actress gets to say more than two or three words a scene. Oh, and yes, some are mixed, a few are foreign born, etc. Eureka Salli Richardson-Whitfield A town full of geniuses, where weird things happen. I started watching it two seasons ago, I stopped because the character Fargo got on my nerves. It got really interesting this past season, as it finally developed beyond near-miss awkward on the relationship between Sheriff Jack Carter Colin Ferguson and Allison Blake Salli Richardson-Whitfield.

She plays a nice, smart, easy going woman. Not only that, her character is central to the show. They put her front and center. Props to the creators of Eureka.

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Kintner , Jeffrey Voorhees as Alex M. He has a wife named Ellen, and two sons named Michael and Sean. On a Summer morning, Brody is called to the beach, where the mangled body of Summer vacationer Chrissie Watkins has washed ashore. The medical examiner tells Brody that it could have been a shark that killed Watkins. Mayor Larry Vaughn, who is desperate to not lose the money that will be brought in by 4th of July tourists, wants Brody to say Watkins’s death was caused by a motorboat propeller instead of a shark, because the thought of a shark in Amity’s waters would drive tourists away from Amity.

It looks like Vaughn is a mayor who puts money ahead of people’s lives.

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Keri Russell has been outstanding throughout the six-season series, but she put on an off-the-chart performance as Elizabeth tonight. Conversations have always been the centerpiece of this series, but the conversion between Elizabeth and Paige tonight set a new high standard for Elizabeth. She finally admits to what Paige has been in one way or another accusing her of all season and earlier: Yes, she’s not only a spy. She’s a spy who sleeps with men, because sex in such circumstances means nothing to her, it’s just a means to an end, and Philip knows and approves.

Those statements and emotions would have been powerful coming from any decent actress, but Keri Russell delivers a searing performance in that two-minute conversation. A little earlier, it’s Margot Martindale as Claudia who delivers the goods – to Elizabeth.

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