DIY: How to Build Your Own Solar Hot Water Heating System

This procedure can prevent sediment from building up inside the tank. There are three steps associated with this project that are outlined below: Not sure if this is your problem? See ‘ Troubleshooting Gas Water Heaters ‘ and ‘ Electric Water Heater Troubleshooting ‘ for a complete listing of all the water heater issues along with the related solutions. The main reason for flushing a water heater is to prevent sediment build up inside the tank. See the article ‘ Hot Water Heater Sediment Problems ‘ for information on why this can be a serious issue. The benefits of flushing the tank are increased efficiency for your hot water tank. Sediment build up reduces the amount of hot water you have. Heating the sediment will waste fuel and increase your utility costs.


The best way, and the most economical way to hook-up the heater is to use the supplied quick disconnects by removing the freeze plugs drain plugs for each side of your engine block of a V8. Most engines already have these screw-in plugs in the block. From that run AN-8 hose to a remote bracket mounted on the front motor mount.

Hooking up a hot water heater is one of the most common home repair jobs there is. However if you don’t know what you are doing, or don’t know the first thing about hot water heaters, well then you could be in hot water quite literally.

I’d recommend using that setup because it has the winterization valve and the lines are drinking water safe. There should be adapters threaded on to the water heater for the barbed hose fittings. If so, remove them and take them and the Sunline turn on fitting to your plumbing supply and they should be able to supply the fitting you need. You’ll also need teflon tape for the fittings. Probably would be a good idea to see if one of your friends is knowledgeable about plumbing and get them to help with the project.

Remember never force or overtighten fittings.


Vacuuming your swimming pool is something that should be done on a weekly basis. Sometimes your swimming pool may not look dirty but there is actually lots of bacteria that you can not see growing on the walls and the floor of the swimming pool. The most important thing you have to remember when vacuuming any swimming pool is that have a good prime is the key to have great suction. Often many pool owners do not spend enough time properly priming the vacuum hose only to experience hours and hours of problems because they just can not get the debris off of the pool floor.

This happens because the swimming pool vacuum has a bad prime.

Water heater piping installation & connections: Here we describe the plumbing connections and piping options for hot water system hook-ups. We explain the piping for a basic water heater installation compared with options for connecting hot water heaters in parallel, in series, or ganged.

Even if a Plumber You ain’t! Though, it may take a few whacks with a boot to your Brain Pan to get the sucker out of Neutral Like the guys who built your rig are often afflicted Let me start from the beginning. Most folks who are even marginally handy can do the work of doing a job like this if they take the time to stop and think about it. My RV water heater was leaking and I couldn’t spy where it was leaking from.

Actually the one we had also had an electric element that we have never used. Boondocking you can’t really run a Volt heater very efficiently! I’ve thumbnailed most of the pics. If you want to see a larger pic just click on the one you want to enlarge and it will pop up in another window. When you first look at the thing; if you’ve never got into such a job before you might be intimidated.

Precision Temp RV500 Review – Tankless Hot Water Heater

Now your ready to know how to use solar power to heat your pool. Find area of the pool that receives the most light. Determine loop and grid. Figure out where to lay the pipe.

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The TPR valve is attached to a discharge pipe that aims the overflow at the floor or ground where your hot water heater is positioned. If the TPR valve were to malfunction, pressure inside the tank could cause the tank to explode, causing terrible damage to your home. You can see what would happen here: If the TPR valve starts to overflow and develops a constant drip, this is a sign that your overflow valve is malfunctioning.

This can happen if a valve has weakened with age. It can also happen when deposits of minerals build up inside of the valve. Either way, your TPR valve should be checked annually and replaced when necessary. First, remove the the discharge pipe from the TPR valve. Once this is done, hold a bucket directly beneath the TPR valve and lift the valve gently to open it.

Drain one or two cups out of the hot water tank. Wear gloves while you do this and be gentle with the valve to prevent it from releasing an explosive blast of water.

Build a simple solar water heater

Loose water sucks on so many levels. There are two areas where flexible hoses are used. The laundry room for your washer and your water heater. The Natural Handyman has a good posting on Laundry hoses which applies to Water Heater hoses as well. It makes sense in both locations as both your washer and water heater have limited life spans and at some point will need replacement.

Step four: Attach the hose to the cold water intake of your water heater and fill the barrel with water. Keep in mind that the water will take several hours to heat, so using these methods will likely give you enough water for one or two showers per day.

But installing a hot water heater can actually be a rather easy thing to learn. The first thing you have to do is the most obvious. You have to disconnect and remove your old hot water heater. Doing this is pretty easy. You just have to be careful. Remember it is full of hot water still.

Water Heater Hose Failure – WATT Stainless Steel Hose

In entry level RVs though, the water heater may only operate in LP gas mode. Water heaters in other motorhomes might operate by a third heating method called Motoraid see more below , which uses waste heat from the motorhome engine to heat the water as you drive. Finally, some high end RVs may have an entirely different system in which the water heater is part of a diesel and electric central heating system, typically either the Aquahot or Hydrohot brand names.

These systems are an entirely different animal and will not be discussed here. A few models are advertised as being 16 gallon heaters, but these are actually 10 gallon heaters that superheat the water and then mix cold water at the outlet, making them roughly equivalent to having a 16 gallon heater at the usual degrees.

Find great deals on eBay for propane heater kit. Shop with confidence.

Markus had a constant overheating problem on his Mariner 36 stemming from the connection of his hot water tank in series with the diesel engine heat exchanger. He did a lot of research on-line and ended up connecting his hot water heater in parallel and changing the thermostat. He reports that it solved his problem and the engine achieves normal operating temperature quickly and then stabilizes and he has plenty of hot water.

Since the retrofit he has not had a single incident of overheating. WH in Thermostat bypass mode water heater starts heating before thermostat opens same as on an automobile and the recommended method per Westerbeke, who refers to this type of installation as the “positive flow, hot water heater connection in the thermostat bypass circuit” 2. Some boats have a water heater bypass valve with the type 2 series connection. When open the coolant can flow directly from the engine to the heat exchanger without having to go through the water heater.

A small amount of coolant still flows in the water heater. Therefore, when the valve is open the WH can still get warm just not as fast. Click here for a picture of a bypass valve. A friend with a Catalina 36 experimented and found that with the valve open the max temp was , but closed the max temperature increased substantially indicating that the thermostat was no longer in control. This bypass valve with the heater in series is still recommended by Raritan, but they also caution to use the engine manufacturers recommendation.

Both Westerbeke and Yanmar now prefer Type 1 installations. Type 3 Modes Simple Parallel 3-A.

How to Replace Water Heater Supply Lines

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Identify the cold water supply line. There should be a “C” or “Cold” embossed in the water heater where the cold water supply line attaches. There will also be a crank knob, similar to the valve on an outdoor hose, either on the wall or along the copper tubing that the other end of the cold line attaches to.

When we got back home on Saturday night, I was ready for a long, hot shower. I unloaded the truck, and schlepped the contractor bag full of dirty laundry into the basement. Having been blessed with keen powers of observation, I immediately noticed the largish puddle that had formed under our water heater. Make a note of the height and width of the old water heater. If you can match the dimensions fairly closely, you can save yourself some re-plumbing. Also be aware that if your water heater is in a tight space, such as a closet or recessed area, you need to make sure the new unit will fit in the same space.

A pipe wrench, an adjustable wrench, and a screwdriver or two to connect the flue cap on a gas water heater, or access the wiring on an electric model. I recommend including a shutoff valve, so you can isolate the tank for repairs if needed. And, of course, a torch and fuel.

How to Solve Common Propane Water Heater Problems

A thermocouple lets the pilot light in your water heater stay on. When the thermocouple is operating properly it will tell the thermostat to turn on the main burner. The main burner is what heats the water in your water heater.

In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating contractor Richard Trethewey explains how to replace a water heater. Steps: 1. Turn off cold-water pipe leading into the water heater. 2. Shut off the gas supply to the heater. 3. Drain water from the heater using a garden hose.

You’ve decided to prepare for this emergency? Even after my warnings? Okay, what do you need? The Pipe Adapter To the right is a picture of the special pipe adapter you will assemble and test. If you build the pipe adapter ahead of the emergency, you will be ready to make hot water with your grill tank. I’m not going to tell you each and every step to build and install the pipe adapter.

If you haven’t ever done basic plumbing before, this is NOT the project to start with! If you are in a country that uses metric plumbing parts, you will have to figure out your own sizes. Below is what we use in the US. I purchased it from a local hardware store for about a dollar. Buy the black iron pipe, not galvanized. The two parts of the pipe adapter need to be put together with PTFE “Teflon” cream, to prevent leaks.

Use your vise and a pipe wrench to get them very tight together. And we will be checking for them.

Pex hot water tank hookup