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And while the previous versions’ slightly eccentric interface and mediocre documentation have made Nero difficult to use and learn, this version solves all that. As of version 5. Help files referred to as language packs on the Web site , InCD, and NeroVision Express still come free with the online version, but they must be downloaded and installed separately. There are three ways to go about any task in Nero: In reality, MP3 and WMA discs are nothing more than standard data discs containing those types of files, but it’s a thoughtful nod to neophytes who’ve heard the terms misused. Nero offers three interface choices, including this classic version


At a Glance On Aug. Each capital city in the Korean Peninsula set an all-time record high. This is just the latest example of all-time records set across the world since June. Hongcheon, South Korea, soared to at least

Five Companies That May Not Survive Past By Jonathan Berr Fiscal Times December 27, Wall Street is a sucker for a good comeback story, and it got plenty of them in

Luke Fox lukefoxjukebox October 18, , You have to find a way to play your game within the no room. And no blowing leads. This meat-and-potatoes order of hockey? Pittsburgh gobbled it up and asked for a handful of fries smashed on top. The Penguins out-hit the Leafs , outshot them , and out-shot-blocked them They were more disciplined and more structured. They were stronger than us. They had the puck more than us. They were a better team than us. That Hyman — one of few Leafs built for a grind-it-out affair where victory seems to ride on every puck battle and box-out in the slot — felt overwhelmed is telling.

Of course, Hyman returned, missing just a single shift as team doctors applied eight stitches and the equipment staff a longer Darth Helmet-esque super-visor for protection.

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Orrin Hatch announced he was retiring. Hatch is 84 years old and amid mounting speculation that he would not run for another term, former Massachusetts governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Feb. The prospect of a political powerhouse like Romney winning the primary has not daunted the hopes of a flooded field of candidates who have filed alongside him to try their chances. Ten candidates have filed to run in the hopes of besting the former governor.

Indeed, the stock market selloff since the start of this year has shaped up as a key test of whether liquid alts can deliver the promised diversification and protect investors during downturns.

Messenger Zimbabwe reached a major milestone this year, holding its first parliamentary and presidential elections since Robert Mugabe was removed from power after 37 years of continuous rule. In a refreshing change, for the first time this millennium, both Western election observer groups and the international media were allowed into the country.

It declared a rather closer outcome in the presidential competition, with Mnangagwa besting the MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa at The international response was prompt and warm enough — the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, who came into office in February as a representative of a new guard of anti-corruption leaders, congratulated Mnangagwa as soon as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission declared him victorious.

But within Zimbabwe itself, the atmosphere was very different. Tension and violence The day after the elections, when opposition supporters took to the streets to protest the announcement that the ruling party had won, Mnangagwa released soldiers who used live ammunition in the streets of the capital city Harare. Six were reportedly killed, and an unknown number injured. Violence, much of it unreported by the international media, also occurred in other cities.

After riot police interrupted a Chamisa press conference , the government started to clamp down on opposition members, charging that its protesters and leaders were responsible for the post-election violence. With reports that opposition members are still being beaten and detained, the US has declared that sanctions on Zimbabwe dating from the Mugabe era will be extended. They will only be lifted on three conditions: But what are the chances these conditions will be met?

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It’s a real pleasure to find it popping up among its peers, too; this is a game full of joy, positivity and heart, backed up by a brilliant blend of classic JRPG adventuring and farming fun, and one of our favourite adventures on the system so far. When the curtain rises in Return to PopoloCrois it’s Prince Pietro’s 13th birthday, and our young hero is enjoying the festivities. Not all is right beyond the castle walls, however; PopoloCrois has recently seen its soil infested by dark beings known only as ‘black beasts’, resulting in fallow fields and a shortage of crops throughout the Kingdom.

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Edit As an exemplar of knightly combat doctrines, the Preceptor is most often piloted by the arms-masters or precepts of the Noble Houses. Grizzled veterans who have lived through solar decades of warfare, it is the job of these Nobles to set an example to their fellows, and to train their lessers in the arts of war.

When not in battle it is their duty to train young squires in the skills they will require to pilot a Knight, and to instil the mental fortitude their wards will need to endure the Ritual of Becoming. The pilots of Knights Preceptor are therefore figures viewed with equal amounts of fear and respect by those of their House, with even Barons of the Exalted Court speaking respectfully to the steely-eyed war dogs who taught them to fight.

It also falls to the arms-masters to recruit, train and mentally prepare the Bondsmen who pilot Armigers, the better to ensure that stable neural links are maintained and no act of dishonourable defiance occurs. As part of these duties, Knights Preceptor often take to the battlefield with one or more pairs of Helverins or Warglaives loping at their side. Some precepts form such strong neural choirs with their Bondsmen that they become permanent fighting units, acting as one with near-perfect synchronicity.

Yet even those Armiger pilots who only serve for a short while under a precept are inevitably inspired by their feats of heroism, finding it easier to see the honour in their duty and submit willingly to the neural imperatives of their betters. Most Knight Preceptor pilots seek to set an example upon the field of battle by hunting down and besting the largest and most fearsome enemies. This is a role well suited to the close-ranged lethality of their steeds, and one that the Machine Spirits artificial intelligences of the Knight suits themselves relish.

Countless battles have been turned in the Imperium’s favour by the actions of a Knight Preceptor, marching fearlessly through hails of enemy fire before unleashing the screaming fury of its Las-Impulsor even as its flanking Armigers add their own firepower to the punishing salvo. Such an attack is more than all but the most resilient of enemies can survive, and even they last only long enough for the Preceptor to draw back its melee armament and finish the fight with a single thunderous blow.

As a close-combat specialised Knight, the Knight Preceptor is armed with a roaring Reaper Chainsword or crackling Thunderstrike Gauntlet , and the rare and terrifying Knight-grade Lascannon known as the Las-Impulsor.

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Here sleeps, for years, sometimes decades, prized Japanese whisky. The Suntory distillery in Yamazaki, near the ancient capital of Kyoto, is where the first drop of made-in-Japan malt whisky was distilled in These days, Japanese whisky is winning accolades from around the world, often beating the products from Scotland its makers set out to emulate.

Being a straight upgrade for the iPhone 7 Plus, it should be obvious that the processor in the iPhone 8 Plus is superior. Apple has included the new A11 Bionic chip in the 8 Plus, and benchmark.

This is one of the best RPG games you can play on your iPhone. At its core it is an audiovisual marvel in which you a wandering warrior monk travel by moonlight and use a sword do battle and evoke sworcery to solve odd musical mysteries. You can even cooperate with your friends in the game using Twitter. Sword and Sworcery is an adventure RPG game with a spooky story and a unique, rather intoxicating soundtrack.

Its character story snippets are easy to toss on Twitter for co-op play. You can ask for help and lead your friends into the mystery of the Megatome and the Trigon Trifecta. The pixel art and stick figure sprites work well to add to the atmosphere the game creates, because everything is supposed to be unclear.

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Last Appearance Book 3, Chapter 17 How about I rush over there, faster than any of your mind-controlled minions can react, then bury my flail six inches into your snowy-white cranium? Oh, and then strangle Baldy with his own guts. How does that sound?

Verb. He dreams of climbing Kilimanjaro. It took them six days to climb the mountain. She has climbed seriously for several years now. The actors were climbing down from the stage. He climbed over the fence. The passengers of the sailboat climbed aboard. The pilot climbed into the cockpit. I think she climbed in through the window. He climbed out of the car with a box in his hands.

Ashley Williamson is a freelance writer and a full time health enthusiast and she loves to share her best lifehack tips with the World from diets to workouts and more. Full Bio Advertising Online dating is getting much more popular these days and now, plenty hard to avoid. Since Tinder and the wave of new apps that are coming out at a seemingly constant rate, it is becoming that much more popular to meet someone online.

Tangle Basically a newer version of Missed Connections Craigslist, it matches you with people you walk by who are on the same app, and then if you both like each other, you can contact each other. The Dating Ring This one is a professional matchmaking service that takes you out of the dating situation. The price is per date or monthly subscription. Ok Cupid A traditional site, but also an oldie and a goodie. Although you can be swarmed with many creeper messages, there are still a handful of quality users on the site that can make all the bad ones seem so much less important.

You can search for people based on your preferences, get a match of the day, and see who is online. The Grade This new app measures you as an eligible date based on a grade. It grades on a scale of A to F, based on things like your messages and pictures. If you both end up liking each other, a private chat is set up that expires after a week. Coffee Meet Bagel lets you focus on one match a day as opposed to many many matches to sift through.